Monday, September 17, 2018

How to choose a Residential Architect?

Once a client outlines his/her needs, a residential design project launches. The creative activity behind meeting the desires of architectural clients is considered the first phase of residential design. The outcome of this effort is a home design plan, which will contain illustrations and informative details such as the required building materials, fixtures, appliances, hardware, doors, and windows. This initial phase is refined until construction documents can evolve from the approved plan.

Here’s a guide to help you choose the best Residential Architect for your Home:

     1. Technical Competence of The Architect: Every architect is not technically competent than the other. No matter how creative the architect’s sketches are, ultimately we all want a building to serve two criteria first i.e. serviceability and durability. A good residential architect will have the basic understanding of structural engineering, building construction, building services, quality management, local building regulations, and project management. Not every architect has these skills. So, before signing your cheque, look after the works your architect has already accomplished. Go through his profile, ask for referrals; whichever suits you the best.

       2. Know how much involvement the architect will have in your project: If you require the assistance of someone who can navigate the process of applying for construction permits with your town, make sure the architect is aware of your needs. Some architects include project management in their fee structure, others consider it an extra service and charge accordingly.

3. Get an Estimate: It’s important to understand an Architect’s billing process to ensure if you can afford their services. Ask about extra fees if any, for project changes and re-designs of a residential building.

 4. Ask for Referrals: Ask your friends, family, and colleagues if their home has recently gone through a major construction work, such as remodeling or adding a second floor where an architect was probably utilized. Visit the project to inspect the construction design and quality. Check with the property owner to see if the architect was easy to work with. You'll also want to know if the project was completed on time and if the architect stayed within budget.

5.  Decide if you really need a Home Architect: Minor home remodels rarely require the services of a licensed architect and simply need a general contractor to incorporate the desired changes into your home. However, if you want to dramatically alter the appearance of your residence, such as changing the fa├žade or adding another wing, a licensed architect may be the best person to lead the project.

For Architectural Services:

6. Describe how much money you have for your project: Always have extra funding set aside for construction project overruns. Generally, 25 percent more money is enough to cover extra expenses.

Talented architects offer clients the support they need during the construction of a new home. The residential design process may stretch beyond the scope of traditional architecture and into matters related to landscapes, interior design, and pool or water features. The residential design process also includes negotiating and bidding on the home's materials. Clients can leave this phase in the hands of the architect because providing administrative services is normally included in the residential design process.

Here I would like to clear a misconception that generally prevails between the client and architect i.e. of participation.
It is commonly understood that clients don't need to participate in the construction process. However, clients can benefit from reviewing the final kitchen and bathroom layouts to inspect matters such as cabinet organization. A client might wish to increase participation during this stage of home design which is the responsibility of an architect to ensure.
 I hope this article helps you to land up with the best Residential Architect for your Project.

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  1. Kudos to the author for touching topics which are much needed from a normal clients point of view.
    I strongly agree with the point that estimating the charges taken by an architect is very important for every client. Before booking any architectural services the client must receive a quotation of all the required services from the architect/building consultant.

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    Every architect should be engineer friendly by considering the structural complexity.

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