Wednesday, September 5, 2018

What questions you should ask your Architect?

As mentioned in our last blog, here we will be telling you about the questions or the queries that you must place before your prospective Architect prior assigning your project to him or her.
Only after you’re totally convinced with their response should you think of hiring them. Remember, communicational awareness is necessary so that you can properly convey your thoughts and ideas to the other person, in this case, your Architect.
There are eight basic questions which a client should always ask his Architect before handing him/her the keys of his dream project. These questions remain valid for all th1e three kinds of Project, be it a Residential, Industrial or a Commercial one.

Let me bring them to you:

       1.  Do you have references?

This one is recommended by most of the Council of Architecture, India, as well as many of the architects I read about. Ask your architect about past clients and contractors they’ve worked with, and then follow up on the references they give. Knowing that you’re working with a dependable firm will spare you potential headaches caused by an unreliable firm.

          2. How can I be helpful in the process?

Having a thorough conversation at the beginning of the process with a vision in place and personal preferences on hand helps the architect hone in on the right solution. It is recommended that you first understand the organizational process already in place, and then ask how you can be most helpful within it.

     3.  What's your fee structure and what can I expect in costs?

Architects use different fee structures to charge for their services, and any reputable firm will be able to lay this out right away. On your end, be open about your budget because cost limitations are extremely critical since quality work can be very expensive.

4.  What are the important issues, considerations, and challenges of my project?

You get the big picture view from your architect as they’ll have insight into construction, city approvals, and design challenges you may not have been aware of. It’s also worth asking if the firm has previously tackled a similar project to yours.

5.  What’s your role with the contractor?

Once construction starts, much of the project will be in the hands of your contractor. Many architecture firms will recommend contractors they have a good track record with, but you’ll want to ask how the firm plans to work with them during your project. What role does the architect plan to take on with the contractor, or will you be expected to deal with the contractor directly?

        6.  Who’s on my team?

Often, there are many different people at an architecture firm that will contribute to your project and you’ll be working with. Ask for introductions.

7.   How can we reduce the environmental impact?

Most architecture firms are happy to work with you to design more environmentally sustainable buildings, and there’s a chance the firm will integrate low or no cost sustainable design strategies into your project. If it’s something you’re interested in, ask your architect about the type of green design they have experience with, and what the pros and cons may be moving ahead with it.

   8.   What will you show along the way to explain the project?

You should ask your architect how he or she will be showing your project to you before the construction process starts. Will there be models, drawings, computer animations? This is a good time to bounce around ideas, express critiques, and make adjustments.

These sets of questions are universal in nature and applicable for different architectural requirements.
In our next blog, we will cover ''How to choose the Best Residential Architect'', based on your specific requirements.

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