Friday, April 19, 2019

How to plan material requirement by yourself to estimate the budget in more detail

Estimating the budget is much needed before the construction of home and after the structural designing of building. Estimating the budget in case of construction is always difficult for the land owners, but we had made it is easier by covering the important aspect in the previous article. But there is another important deciding factor for the cost of construction is your material requirement for the construction of your house. For that you need to know what will be your material requirement for the construction of your house i.e Planning material requirement.

Planning material requirement:-
For the planning of material we are dividing material requirement for each job.

1)Slab casting
3)Plaster work

1)Slab casting(slab size 900 square feet, thickness 4”)

                                                   Material requirement for concrete

                                                                   Table A
Concrete mix
Water & cement ratio
Water in litre per bag of cement
Sand           (cubic metre)
Stone aggregates (cubic metre)

Slab work:-
For concrete ratio 1:1:5:3

Concrete quantity= 900x4/12 cubic feet = 300 cubic feet = 300/35.5 cubic metres = 8.5 cubic metres
Please refer to Table A and calculate the required quantity of all the ingredients:
Cement = 8.5x8 = 68 bags
Sand = 8.5x0.42 = 3.57 cubic metres
Gitti = 8.5x0.83 = 7.01 cubic metres

2)Brickwork(300 square feet, wall thickness is 8")

                          Material requirement for 1 cubic metre of Brickwork      

                                            Table B
Cement (Bags)
      Sand (Cubic metre)

Note:Approximately 0.25 cubic meters of mortar & 500 bricks are required for 1 cubic meter of brickwork.

If we are choosing the mortar ratio 1:6 then material requirement for brick work will be

Brick work quantity = 300x8/12 cubic feet = 200 cubic feet = 200/35.5 cubic metres
= 5.67 cubic metres
Fir this, refer to Table B to calculate the quantities:
Cement = 5.67x1.4 = 8 bags
Sand = 5.67x0.299 = 1.7 cubic metres
Bricks = 5.67x500 = 2835 numbers

3)Plaster work(200 square feet, 1/2 inch thickness)

           Material requirement for 100 square metre of plaster of 12 mm (1/2 inch) thickness               
                                          Table C
Cement (Bags)
Sand (cubic metre)

If we are choosing the mortar ratio 1:4, then material requirement will be:-

0.5 inch thick plaster area = 200 square feet = 200/10.76 square metres = 18.6 square metres Referring to Table C,
Cement = 18.6x12/100= 0.3cubic metres
Sand = 18.6/1.6x100 = 0.3 cubic metres
Remember to add 5 to 8% for wastage always.
Here we have provided you a detail insight with which you can calculate your material requirement for home construction.So readers comment bellow  by what additional method you calculate your material requirement.

Thursday, April 18, 2019

How my advance budget estimation, helped me to plan my home construction expenditure

budget text

Estimating the budget takes place in everyplace & every house for many purposes. But some time it is hectic who don’t have any knowledge in the field that they are going to estimate the budget. But if you want to save your money by not putting in irrelevant expenditures then you must estimate your budget previously .But for that you need certain guidance, which I am providing here. We are providing some tentative estimation which will help you to know how to calculate the budget for your home construction.

To calculate your budgetary requirement initially, use tentative estimates and then detail the requirements, item wise and work wise. However, actual estimates will depend on the design proposed by the engineer/ architect for your home and the prevailing cost of raw materials in the market.

Assume that you buy 1200 square feet of land at Rs. 800 square feet. The cost of the land is 1200x800=Rs. 9,60,000 . Consider that your house will have 200 square feet of open space and a total construction area of 1000 square feet. With the help of the table given below you can categorize the cost of the construction.

cost per squarefoot construction

The table provides you a tentative estimate about buildings ground floor & duplex constructions. In this cost per square foot the finishes are also included such as quality of flooring ,type of windows & doors, type of paints, type of electrical work.

Now let’s calculate the cost of square foot construction for the area mentioned above. Suppose you want to build your house in economy category then the cost of construction for 1000 square feet would be 7 lac to 8 lac(excluding cost of land).

However the cost also depends upon design of building also.

After the whole amount of cost of construction we can also know that what will be the expenditure in different parts of construction process. This can be divided into 3 parts such as material cost, labour cost, &other expenditure. For distributing the total amount of cost there is a standard rule of ratio of material cost, labour cost & other expenditure is 60:30:10.Suppose you have made the budget of 800000 then you can distribute 4,20,000 for material cost,2,40,000 for labour cost,80,000 for other expenditure.

cost of construction

Again you can also find out  tentative estimate for  stage wise cost of construction. . This can help you plan your financial requirement during the entire period of construction.

Stage wise cost of construction :-

stage wise cost of construction
 I hope with this the readers can get some idea about how to estimate the budget .If this is helpful or not for your budget estimation then comment bellow. 

Wednesday, April 17, 2019



You are not building your home daily, so while choosing contractor you should focus on selecting a good contractor who can finish the construction work at scheduled time with your planned budget.  People suffer at the time of construction, due to faulty decision of choosing wrong contractor. It can become frustrated that the building contractor is playing with you & you are in a situation where you can’t go back to change the scenario.

Here we are keeping some points before you which can give you some insights while choosing a contractor & can save you from the frauds.

Criteria for selecting a contractor:-

        Track record:-The first thing to do while selecting a contractor is to check back his track record that which project he has done previously. From the projects you can evaluate which type of work he has done and what is the capability of the contractor & how far he can meet your requirements.
track record

      Certification check:-Don’t just be overwhelmed by seeing the project he has done, but he you need to also checkout that he is a certified contractor or not. Many uncertified contractors are running construction work who don’t have any technical knowledge which results in damaged construction structure.

                                                  certification  check

1.      Cooperation with clients:-Be sure that contractor must enough cooperative to work with you for your building construction. If he is non-cooperative then while the work will be going on a lot of issues will arise due to different opinion of both the parties regarding construction.
                                                            cooperation with clients
      Quality control:-During construction many contractors don’t put any mind in the quality aspect of construction, because they just want to complete the work and collect their share of money. So be wise to choose a contractor who doesn’t negotiate on the quality aspect of construction.
                                     quality control
    Conflict management skill:-Conflict is unavoidable in construction works, because construction is such a thing where changes need to be done at different level of construction even if after the design is finalized due to the the conflict may be with authorities regarding the change in plan. Sometime the conflict also arises due to dissatisfaction among unskilled laborers. So the contractor must have the skill to solve conflict arising at different situations.

                                   conflict managenment
     Financial stability:-Some contractors are not financially able to do work for the project; they need cash previously before the construction, which is difficult for clients to give such huge amount prior to work with the belief that they would complete their work. And also working capital is needed to meet the daily cash expenditure of construction work which needs to be taken care by the contractor .So check the contractor’s financial stability before selecting.

                                        financial stability

     Budget & schedule compliance:-Before selecting contractor discuss with him in what time he can complete the work & what will be the budget for the construction work.

                                               budget & schedule

 Payment process:-After discussing budget & schedule discuss the payment process .Whether he will take his reward through online or offline. Whether he wants the whole cost of construction at a time during or after the work or he want phase by phase manner of construction work.

    Terms of contract:-It is the most important part of this process of choosing a contractor. Because this term of contract is the written document where all way of conducting the construction works is mentioned. Such as what will be the payment process, if any issue arises the how it will be solved, whether the contractor will have to take charge of material & equipment or you have to assign other ,time and schedule of work. And this term of contract is agreed by both the parties in all aspects.  

  term of contract

           Type of contract:-

type of contract

       Whatever the type of contract, you need to pay close attention to the following aspects:

  1.          Quality of work
  2.         Type of materials, including finishing & fittings, flooring, painting, electrical, sanitary    items,       doors &windows etc.   
  3.         Advance payment, if any
  4.         Progress and time schedule
  5.         Future measurement & payment conditions
         what is your opinion regarding choosing a contractor comment bellow .

Tuesday, April 16, 2019




Searching for Architectures? Then you  are reading the right content to know how to search for right professional.

Putting effort in buying plots and in various process of pre building construction is good but if you are not choosing  right professional for technical work of building construction then you have to suffer a lot. Because choosing right professionals can help you easing the process of construction and saving a lot of resources by reducing the waste in terms of money, material and time. So keeping in mind these things I decided to analyse the professionals during selecting them for my home construction work which helped me a lot to best utilize my resources. The resource is always limited, and to utilize the best out of it the following things must be kept in mind.

Choosing professionals:-After the plot is selected we start looking for building drawing designer and contractors to start the construction quickly, but that is not the right step after choosing the right plot. First make a list of professional required for your construction. Some of the list of professionals is engineers, architects, contractors, building material &equipment suppliers and skilled construction workmen .The basis for choosing them should be their previous work projects. Here take a look some of the points covered bellow.

Choose right engineer/architect for making building plan of your house. Because the much experienced engineer the result for your building design will be much better. A correct and proper planning will lead to an economical design for your house. Also a better design will help you save you a lot in material cost and proper space utilization.


There are different architect/engineer for different construction such as  dam engineer or building engineer, or duplex engineer, or highway engineer. According to your need you should choose the engineer. The dam or highway projects are always taken by govt. and their way of choosing professional is totally different. But if you are looking professional for your home construction you have to decide your own criteria. For this we are covering some point to help you:-

v Technical competence of architecture:-
·   Engineering & Maths:- To be a good architecture he/she must be good at engineering mathematics. Because in drawing of a building design there are many calculations required such as how much should be the length and breadth of the house for a particular plot .What should be the effective measurement for utilizing the space. The architecture must be familiar with different properties of material &how different materials   load and pressure affect different structure. He/she should make sustainable designs for making energy efficient building, earthquake proof resistant house.


·     Design skills:-Architectural skill is always an art. While designing the building plan not only safety and function aspect but aesthetic part should be kept an eye. When both these requirements are meant then a beautiful house design is prepared. So an architecture should prepare a design that must meet the need of the client.

design skills

·        Computer literacy:-Now a days most of the building designs are done through different software such as CAD, Tekla etc. on computers. So to be competent for designing one must be good at computer operations.  

computer skills

·         Knowledge of building laws & codes:-Laws & codes have much to say about what & how to build. This varies in different localities & different cities. An architecture must consider while making a building plan. For example you can’t build high rise building near Airport area, So you have to manage within your plot to make more out of your space.


·         Communication skill:-The architecture must be able to communicate properly with clients so that should be any disappointment after the completion of design.

v  Get an estimate:-Before finalizing an architecture you should ask for the cost of building design, So that you could decide whether you could afford their services or not.

v  Ask for referrals:- Ask your friends & family who have recently completed their home construction for referring you an architecture.

In the process of designing building drawing Architecture also suggests some creative ideas. you may choose to accept that for your project .
There are some architecture who don’t like to make changes easily after doing the design, so you must regularly check whether the designs meet your need or not.

So what is your experience regarding choosing right architecture share with us.