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You are not building your home daily, so while choosing contractor you should focus on selecting a good contractor who can finish the construction work at scheduled time with your planned budget.  People suffer at the time of construction, due to faulty decision of choosing wrong contractor. It can become frustrated that the building contractor is playing with you & you are in a situation where you can’t go back to change the scenario.

Here we are keeping some points before you which can give you some insights while choosing a contractor & can save you from the frauds.

Criteria for selecting a contractor:-

        Track record:-The first thing to do while selecting a contractor is to check back his track record that which project he has done previously. From the projects you can evaluate which type of work he has done and what is the capability of the contractor & how far he can meet your requirements.
track record

      Certification check:-Don’t just be overwhelmed by seeing the project he has done, but he you need to also checkout that he is a certified contractor or not. Many uncertified contractors are running construction work who don’t have any technical knowledge which results in damaged construction structure.

                                                  certification  check

1.      Cooperation with clients:-Be sure that contractor must enough cooperative to work with you for your building construction. If he is non-cooperative then while the work will be going on a lot of issues will arise due to different opinion of both the parties regarding construction.
                                                            cooperation with clients
      Quality control:-During construction many contractors don’t put any mind in the quality aspect of construction, because they just want to complete the work and collect their share of money. So be wise to choose a contractor who doesn’t negotiate on the quality aspect of construction.
                                     quality control
    Conflict management skill:-Conflict is unavoidable in construction works, because construction is such a thing where changes need to be done at different level of construction even if after the design is finalized due to the the conflict may be with authorities regarding the change in plan. Sometime the conflict also arises due to dissatisfaction among unskilled laborers. So the contractor must have the skill to solve conflict arising at different situations.

                                   conflict managenment
     Financial stability:-Some contractors are not financially able to do work for the project; they need cash previously before the construction, which is difficult for clients to give such huge amount prior to work with the belief that they would complete their work. And also working capital is needed to meet the daily cash expenditure of construction work which needs to be taken care by the contractor .So check the contractor’s financial stability before selecting.

                                        financial stability

     Budget & schedule compliance:-Before selecting contractor discuss with him in what time he can complete the work & what will be the budget for the construction work.

                                               budget & schedule

 Payment process:-After discussing budget & schedule discuss the payment process .Whether he will take his reward through online or offline. Whether he wants the whole cost of construction at a time during or after the work or he want phase by phase manner of construction work.

    Terms of contract:-It is the most important part of this process of choosing a contractor. Because this term of contract is the written document where all way of conducting the construction works is mentioned. Such as what will be the payment process, if any issue arises the how it will be solved, whether the contractor will have to take charge of material & equipment or you have to assign other ,time and schedule of work. And this term of contract is agreed by both the parties in all aspects.  

  term of contract

           Type of contract:-

type of contract

       Whatever the type of contract, you need to pay close attention to the following aspects:

  1.          Quality of work
  2.         Type of materials, including finishing & fittings, flooring, painting, electrical, sanitary    items,       doors &windows etc.   
  3.         Advance payment, if any
  4.         Progress and time schedule
  5.         Future measurement & payment conditions
         what is your opinion regarding choosing a contractor comment bellow .

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