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Searching for Architectures? Then you  are reading the right content to know how to search for right professional.

Putting effort in buying plots and in various process of pre building construction is good but if you are not choosing  right professional for technical work of building construction then you have to suffer a lot. Because choosing right professionals can help you easing the process of construction and saving a lot of resources by reducing the waste in terms of money, material and time. So keeping in mind these things I decided to analyse the professionals during selecting them for my home construction work which helped me a lot to best utilize my resources. The resource is always limited, and to utilize the best out of it the following things must be kept in mind.

Choosing professionals:-After the plot is selected we start looking for building drawing designer and contractors to start the construction quickly, but that is not the right step after choosing the right plot. First make a list of professional required for your construction. Some of the list of professionals is engineers, architects, contractors, building material &equipment suppliers and skilled construction workmen .The basis for choosing them should be their previous work projects. Here take a look some of the points covered bellow.

Choose right engineer/architect for making building plan of your house. Because the much experienced engineer the result for your building design will be much better. A correct and proper planning will lead to an economical design for your house. Also a better design will help you save you a lot in material cost and proper space utilization.


There are different architect/engineer for different construction such as  dam engineer or building engineer, or duplex engineer, or highway engineer. According to your need you should choose the engineer. The dam or highway projects are always taken by govt. and their way of choosing professional is totally different. But if you are looking professional for your home construction you have to decide your own criteria. For this we are covering some point to help you:-

v Technical competence of architecture:-
·   Engineering & Maths:- To be a good architecture he/she must be good at engineering mathematics. Because in drawing of a building design there are many calculations required such as how much should be the length and breadth of the house for a particular plot .What should be the effective measurement for utilizing the space. The architecture must be familiar with different properties of material &how different materials   load and pressure affect different structure. He/she should make sustainable designs for making energy efficient building, earthquake proof resistant house.


·     Design skills:-Architectural skill is always an art. While designing the building plan not only safety and function aspect but aesthetic part should be kept an eye. When both these requirements are meant then a beautiful house design is prepared. So an architecture should prepare a design that must meet the need of the client.

design skills

·        Computer literacy:-Now a days most of the building designs are done through different software such as CAD, Tekla etc. on computers. So to be competent for designing one must be good at computer operations.  

computer skills

·         Knowledge of building laws & codes:-Laws & codes have much to say about what & how to build. This varies in different localities & different cities. An architecture must consider while making a building plan. For example you can’t build high rise building near Airport area, So you have to manage within your plot to make more out of your space.


·         Communication skill:-The architecture must be able to communicate properly with clients so that should be any disappointment after the completion of design.

v  Get an estimate:-Before finalizing an architecture you should ask for the cost of building design, So that you could decide whether you could afford their services or not.

v  Ask for referrals:- Ask your friends & family who have recently completed their home construction for referring you an architecture.

In the process of designing building drawing Architecture also suggests some creative ideas. you may choose to accept that for your project .
There are some architecture who don’t like to make changes easily after doing the design, so you must regularly check whether the designs meet your need or not.

So what is your experience regarding choosing right architecture share with us.

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