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Planning your home? Then you are reading the best over content that would help you plan in a superb manner. Now as I have already purchased my plot in the best ever location which I dream of, now is the challenge to build a beautiful and gorgeous home on it.
As you know for this activity you need to visit a registered architect /civil engineer/structural engineer/consultancy firm with good 3-4 years’ experience in building construction.
The way we are planning requires frequent involvement and consultation with your building consultant. My consultant gave me a brief idea regarding the process map of physical investigation for constructing my home. The series includes:-

planning chart

1.Cleaning of land:- It is mandatory part to clear the shrubs ans jungles plot for conducting survey & test with good visibility.

plot cleaning

2.Plot survey:-It helped me triangulate and know the exact dimension of my plot which was recorded digitally for working on CAD. It also helped us know the filling and cutting of earth required over my plot.

plot survey

·      3.Soil test:- This is a mandatory part but normally people tend to ship the same. Soil test will cost you roughly around Rs 20,000/-, but it will help you save lakhs of money. When the soil bearing capacity is known then it is easy to work on the structural planning of home.

soil test

After this physical works, our architect started planning in the best possible manner to get us finalized drawing. This will consist of the plan, elevation, and side & rear views of your proposed house, along with steel reinforcement drawings. Also find out whether the fee will include supervision by engineer / architect during construction and obtain the necessary approvals from the designated authorities before construction.

The rate that an architect charges are as follows:-

rate chart

The plan includes the bellow mentioned points that you have to understand.    
  • Approval of Drawings:-Approval Drawings are made for submitting to the concerned Govt. agency for approval and after approval, they are used at the construction site. We currently prepare approval drawings for all types of buildings (Residential and commercial).
  • Architectural Drawings:-Architectural Drawings present a full view of the building .It depicts the location of the building and size of all components of the building.
  • Structural Layout and Detailing:-Structural Layout and detailing present details about structure such as the orientation and dimensions of the structural members, grade and size of reinforcement bars, the spacing of reinforcement, placement of different component, etc.
  • 3D Views (Interior & Exterior):-3D Views or architectural views of the building exterior and interior present a model of the building to be constructed in front of the clients.
In the above post we have discussed some of the part that is much needed before constructing a home.So comment bellow to share your experience regarding this.

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