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A Trip to Konark Sun Temple
Date: December 15,2019,Sunday

I am one member of Team Civil Center. A Building Consultancy company from Bhubaneswar, Odisha. I was traveling together with my teammates and it was an immersive and amazing experience. So I am sharing the journey to The sun city "konark" !

We were five members and we reside at  Bhubaneswar. Konark is only 65km from Bhubaneswar so we had booked a cab at Rs. 1700. There are various options to stay at konark to all types of budget, but we planned to return back on the same day.
We started our journey from 6 am after crossing the toll gate. We took a small break to have Dahibara and coconut water as refreshment. After 15 mins we continued our journey again. The Long drive was pleasing as the wide roads were decorated with green trees on both Sides.

After 30 mins we had reached our destination, we parked our car in the government parking lot and paid 20rs.
To explore the architecture of konark we moved towards the temple by passing a handcraft street of 700 mtrs. We had booked 5 tickets of Rs. 30 each to enter the gate.
As it was Sunday hence a holiday so more than 5000 tourists were there.
Due to some natural calamity some re-construction and repair works were going on to save the architectural marvel.
The temple was designed  in the shape of a huge chariot drawn by 7 horses on 12 pairs( 24 wheels), size of 9 feet 9 inch in diameter.
I visited konark several times during my college. Guide explained me that konark wheels are used to know about time of the day. The huge wheels of konark is a major attraction of visitors  and many visitors take photographs in front of the wheels.
At the Front there are three doors and in each door the same view of Konark temple is visible like a miracle or you can say science. It indicates that the Civil Engineers and Architects at that time had so much knowledge and skills that they could create such marvels.
Nowadays visitors are banned from entering the temple as it is risky, but the outer beauty of the temple is unbelievable.
The temple is designed in such a way that the first ray of sun passes through the gate and creates a mesmerizing view.
The staircase of the monument has a riser and tread of around 1feet as ancient people were more taller and stronger than us.
After exploring the view we had lunch at Odisha hotel  and the Thali (Meal) cost Rs. 180 each. 
Then we returned back to Bhubaneswar.

Watch our Journey in this Video: Team Civil Center at Konark Sun Temple

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