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Difference Between Tekla Structures and Tekla Structural Designer

INTRODUCTION: Tekla Structures and Tekla Structural Designer both are Software Developed by Trimble, some of the major differences between the two software are as Follows.

1. USAGE: The following are the primary differences between the two software based on their usage and the final product generated.

TEKLA STRUCTURAL DESIGNER (TSD) is a  Structural Analysis & Design Software, it is used for structural analysis and design of all structural members after the application of loads (Eg. Live Load, Dead Load, Wind Load, Seismic Load etc.) as per the standard code provisions, varying with the location of construction of building.

TEKLA STRUCTURES (TS) is a   Structural Detailing & Building Information Modelling (BIM) Software, it can be used for creating detailed model after we have the Structural design results. After finishing the BIM Model, a section can be cut from any Plane to generate Good For Construction Drawings (GEC) with detailing of rebar specifying the lap length , in case of lap splices, anchorage lengths etc.

2. CONCRETE AND STEEL QUANTITY:As we all know that during and before commencing the process of any building construction, material quantity estimate plays a vast role in the approval of the project from the owners/builders and the quality of materials to be used, as per the available finance. The major cost of any project is the cost of Concrete and Reinforcement Steel in case of RCC Building and Structural Steel in the case of Steel Buildings. So let us find out the comparison between the two software in terms of their ability to find out the quantity of concrete, Structural Steel and Reinforcement Steel. 

TEKLA STRUCTURAL DESIGNER (TSD) can Calculate accurate concrete quantity, Reinforcement steel quantity with an allowance of 10 percent. 

TEKLA STRUCTURES (TS) can give accurate quantity of RCC as well as reinforcement Steel quantity.

3. FORMWORK QUANTITY: In an RCC Building formwork plays an important role during the process of casting of any structural member like column, footing, beam, slab, staircase hence calculation of the quantity of formwork is necessary for procurement of the material as well as keeping the monetary stock beforehand.

TEKLA STRUCTURAL DESIGNER (TSD) can’t Calculate Formwork Quantity.

TEKLA STRUCTURES (TS) can Calculate Formwork Quantity.

4. CONSTRUCTION PLANNING AND MANAGEMENT: Construction Planning and Management t helps us to avoid any errors during the process of construction by scheduling all the activities in the process of construction like excavation, Sand filling, PCC Casting, Reinforcement Binding, Shuttering etc. Software capable of this feature enables one to manage all the activities at site properly, lets find out which among the two discussed software has this feature.

TEKLA STRUCTURAL DESIGNER (TSD) Can’t Do Construction Planning and Management

TEKLA STRUCTURES (TS) Can Perform Construction Planning an Management using this software.

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