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Hello Everybody!

I am a Building Consultant, a Structural Engineer having more than five years experience in the construction field in Bhubaneswar, Odisha.

Date: 5 march 2020 morning time I was moving around my hometown LakhimpurKheri, Uttarpradesh.

Earning  a degree in structural Engineering has been my goal since I was in middle school.I was always around construction sites and loved to observe all the activities at site since then.

That day I stopped my bike near a construction site of a residential building . I went there  then I saw shocking wrong utilisation of resources in that construction, after enquiring with some local people and I got to know that it's a five story building project and a local contractor was doing that project.

There I felt that the construction of that residential building was not being done, as per proper design and estimate.

These are the following shortcomings.

 (I)  In that site the center to center distance between columns was very less and in some long spans columns were not used, in other words the column placement was done in a disastrous manner. 

The collapse of a building could occur when structure is unstable due to inadequate numbers of columns used and at the same time providing more no. of columns can lead to drastic increase in cost, which the owner/local mason or contractor could not understand.

(ii)  The contractor also used unnecessary brick work under the plinth beam. 

Brickwork can be provided under plinth for the outer wall, for retaining the soil fill but it is not mandatory to provide brickwork under plinth beams everywhere.

(III) In Plinth beams all beams were provided throughout the columns, i.e. 6 bars of 16 mm diameter.

The rebars other than the hanger bars, i.e 2 at the top and 2 at the bottom can be provided as extra bars near the ends in case of top portion and at the center in case of bottom bars, there is no need to provide them all through.

If you want to know more about the concept of columns position you can see previous videos.

At last to overcome all these defects or losses you need to hire a qualified quality consultant rather than a local contractor having few years experience.

Qualification matters as well as Experience.

To watch our video in this topic, watch this: Qualification matters as well as Experience.

Thank you

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