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  1. What is a Structural Drawing: After the completion of the Architectural Plan of Building the next step is creation of the structural drawings, it can be defined as a drawing which contains the details of all the structural members of the building,
An Architectural Drawing or a Floor Plan contains the dimensions and positioning of all the rooms and components of a particular floor in a building.
If you want to view a description of the architectural plan of the building, click this link to our Youtube Video:
  1. Why is it required: It is required because before constructing any building we need to know the sizes of different structural members like beam, column, foundation, slab, staircase etc. Also we need to know the layout (where they will be placed) and the reinforcement schedule (schedule of reinforcement bars or rebars). 
  2. What will happen if we do construction without any structural drawing :  A structural Engineer prepares these structural drawings after proper calculation of all the loads to be considered in that particular zone where the building is going to be constructed as per the latest standard codal provisions. Examples of these loads are dead load, live load, Seismic load, Wind Load etc. It is also taken care that any structural member size and reinforcement (for RCC Buildings) is not overdone and the structure is also safe. So the safety and economy both are taken care of by the structural engineer or structural consultant in the structural drawings given. 
There are many cases in which some persons don’t wish to pay the required fees of the structural consultant, then they give the structural member specification as per the experience of the contractor or any other experienced person who has constructed a building earlier. But doing so they may either compromise with the safety of the structure which can lead to disaster or else the design will add a large amount of extra cost to the project which will be much more than the fees they had to pay to any structural consultant.
For watching our video which depicts what can happen if we don’t take a structural drawing from a consultant, watch this video:

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