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How to mitigate the effects of COVID-19 as Civil Engineers


·       About Coronavirus

·       Effect of coronavirus on environment

·       COVID-19 effect on Civil industries

·       To mitigate the effects of COVID-19 as Civil engineers

·       Conclusion


1.About Corona virus

In the month of December ,2019, in the capital city of Central  China’s Hubei province, few doctor’s came across patients that showed the same symptoms  of cold, fever, muscles ache. Moreover they were unable to detect the perfect cure of the diseases. Months later the contagious virus had impacted many individuals throughout the nation ; and soon , throughout the world.

It is known to have deadly effects on humans in later stages. Initially it takes about a week to show the symptoms ;by the time it comes out as a confirmed case, it spreads across the body causing the body to weaken.

It can be prevented by maintaining hygienic surroundings and most importantly self hygiene. It can also be avoided by social distancing and to quarantine self. By having healthy and fresh fruits and vegetables. By wearing a mask while going out etc.


2.Effects of Coronavirus on environment

Unlike its effects on humans ,it has certainly made a very positive impact on the environment; reducing the pollution levels, cleaning water and air, making a safe place for animals ,healing ozone layer etc. Birds like Flamingos ,water bodies like Dolphins are returning back to their habitat. Lions in Africa’s zoo were seen laying outside near the roads soaking in the sun. In India, Himalayas were seen from cities like Singhwahini(Bihar) ,Saharanpur(Uttar Pradesh), due the drop in pollution level. Like the two sides of a coin, every situation is believed to bring both positive and negative sides to it.


3.COVID-19  effect in Civil Industries

Many companies from IT sectors have promoted working from home, likewise few Civil Companies have also encouraged its engineers to work from home. Works that involved visiting the site were closed down for weeks. This led the companies to take a step forward in the use of technologies. Hence , introducing it to work remotely.



4.To mitigate the effects of COVID-19 as Civil Engineers

Remote working: It is to work either part-time or full-time ,but from home ,in online mode. Due to the lockdown, it has led the companies to work remotely and come with many advances in technology. Such as introducing 360 cameras to digitally capture site conditions,(by Umar Malik, a civil engineering apprentice with AECOM) .In some projects ,skilled workers were planned to substitute with robotic mechanisms, such as welding with robotic arms, it could increase productivity and accuracy. But, what lacks the power of a person's mind at the time of requirement.



“This outbreak has acted as a catalyst for our industry to adopt new digital technologies. Now that we have proved that this model works, we should hopefully see the adoption of new technologies in the future that will yield multiple benefits and increase our efficiency.”  Says Umar.  Like said by one wise man “we should always see the positive side of the problem” , it is very well depicted by Civil Engineers and keeps on working for the betterment of the people and nation ,keeping complete safety in mind of it’s employees and workers.

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