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Reduce Building Construction Cost in just simple 8 Tricks

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Today we came with an interesting topic where our clients and those who are going to start construction are more focused.

So the topic is "How to reduce building Construction Cost".

Here we will discuss about this and we will divide this topic into three parts

Basically the reason behind dividing this topic into three parts as it has three processes like in building construction we have three phases  i.e Planning phase, Construction phase, Utilisation phase.

In this Blog we will move towards the first phase. What exactly occurs in the Planning phase?

There are 8 tricks to reduce building Construction cost.

(I) Research

   You must have a clear idea about the building which you are going to construct in future. You are ready to Construct or Not? If you are not able to understand the type of building you can consult with the nearest Building Consultant.

Remember before going to the consultant you must do some research on Construction.

Why is Research required?

   Say, you are going to invest around 50-60 lakhs in your dream home and if required you will also take some loans for the dream home. You are investing your life time savings in building your home.

In day to day life, we bargain in the vegetable market  just to save 2-3 rupees here it's about 50-60 lakhs so it's compulsory for all to do research on it.

(II) Choose Best Consultant

      In this competitive world, How to Choose the best?

You don’t have to choose the best available for everyone, you have to choose who is best for you because whatever you are dreaming about your home your consultant should understand you and your budget and be able to represent in pen and paper with proper dimension and proper view as your imagination.

For this you have to  do some tests like take some rough sketches from 4-5 consultants from nearby consultants with a very minimum cost between 2k-3k. Some consultants take high charge, no need to consult with them. To avoid high charges you can leave top 5 Consultants of your city and take 4-5 rough sketches from average consultants.

If you are going to invest 50-60 lakhs then you can easily invest 4k -5k to check your perfect consultant because if you completed the construction  and it is not like your dream home and rest of your life you are going to spend there. So be careful to choose the best one.

(III)  Survey for your Building

     In the land in which you are going to start construction work you should compulsory go for survey work because here you can easily get the exact plot dimension.If you are not able to find a team for survey, do ask your consultant to do a survey. Survey activity also play an important role in reduce building cost, which can be explained with an example below

Eg. If it is written  the size of the plot  is 30/40, but the actual site dimension is not matching, it's 29/38, which can result in delay of the construction.

How does delay in construction increase building Construction Cost?

If you are living in a rented flat, before getting shifted to your own house, you have to pay for 1-2 months extra rent due to the delay in work completion. Also you may miss out on getting  benefits on income tax etc.

(iv) Spacious not Clumsy

   Spacious rooms reduce building construction cost rather than clumsy rooms.

Eg- If you divide your room in small small parts like you put a wall between the living room and Dining room the result is that you have to give a beam beneath the wall and also could result in increase in the number and sizes of columns, footings and the whole structure in general. Hence the building construction cost will get increased due to the increase in sizes of structural members. Hence go for lesser partitions in your building which will result in spacious rooms as well as lessen the construction cost.

(v) Detailing Work

    Many people think that plan is over. Why do we need detailing drawings for buildings?

What is the role of the term “detailing” to reduce building construction cost?, Let us see with the help of an example.

Eg- After completion of building you can call a carpenter and ask to do cupboards on plane walls, if you don't have the interior designs then it will definitely result in more cost in comparison to if  you would have made the designs beforehand. If you had the interior designs ready then you already know how the room is going to look beforehand and hence while building construction you could know where to put extra walls ( for cupboards)  to reduce material cost.

Likewise in the case of Building Core-House Construction, make sure you take Structural Drawing and Detailing, from your consultant. The structural drawings will contain the position, sizes and reinforcement details of all the structural members, like beam, column, footing (foundation), slab, staircase etc.

(vii)  Soil Test

       If your plot is small or less than 1500 sq ft soil test may not be required but if your plot size is more than that and you are going to construct G+1 or G+2 the cost will be nearly 40 lakhs on the conservative side, it is strongly recommended.

Why is the soil Test required?

 Nowadays everyone is preferring framed structure and here the main three structural components are column, beam and footing (Foundation). The design of foundation solely depends upon the properties of soil, there are some numerical values also like the value of Soil Bearing Capacity which is required for the design of foundation and type of foundation to be provided for the building (shallow foundations like isolated footing or deep foundation like Piles).

If the soil test report is available the Structural Consultant can design the foundation considering safety as well as economy, whereas if any soil test report is not available the consultant will be forced to go on the conservative design which may be uneconomical if the soil is good and unsafe if the soil properties are worse then assumed by the structural consultant.

(viii) Choose Economic Material

   If in your city the rate of fly ash bricks are less than red bricks then go for fly ash bricks. There is a common perception that red bricks have high compressive strength so they should be used, but logically in a framed structure (having beams and columns) the wall doesn’t take any load; they only act as partitions. In addition lighter partition materials also result in lesser loads on structural members which in turn can reduce their sizes and save the construction cost.

We also have AAC blocks in the market who have lighter weight.

How does it affect reducing Building Construction Cost?

AAC blocks are 50 percent lighter than fly ash or red bricks and If your wall weight is light it will reduce the size of beams and other structural members as discussed above.

It can be inferred from the above points that it's necessary to hire a consultant who is best for you and  discuss everything with them before going to start your home.

These are 8 tricks in the planning phase. We will also discuss reducing construction cost in the construction phase. Stay tuned

Thank you

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