Saturday, August 1, 2020


Hello Friends!

It was a summer day, when team Civil Center visited a construction site. Climate was awful that day. It was looking like it was going to rain at that time or at night.

Location-Sai Paradise, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India

Finding this kind of climate  in the summer season over construction sites is a blessing for those who are working all day.

Let's discuss what was going on the site that day.

The building construction work was ongoing there, some piles were already completed and also some were ongoing.  We could see completion of a piling work consisting of two piles and reinforcement binding for pile cap work. At some places the formwork for pile cap was being done, as you know  before going to pile cap work we do formwork first.

In this area the water table is high as compared to other areas in Bhubaneswar.Most of the time the land is full of water which has resulted in the low soil bearing capacity of that area, which is the main reason behind choosing to do piling work there.

At the site location we found in general, black cotton soil up-to 2-3 meters and the Bearing Capacity of black cotton soil is 150 kilo Newton per meter square, after 2-3 meter we can find rock strata.  So up-to rock strata the piling work is done. So piling work is needed in areas where underlying soil is weak, in areas where settlement issues are common due to soil liquefaction or water table issues. So in those cases pile foundation is a better choice.

At the site of one of our completed Duplex (G+1) Building Project  in Sai Paradise,  Bhubaneswar was also visible which looks as beautiful as the 3D exterior view which we had made and also uploaded in social media. That's all for today, will meet you with another story soon.

You can watch the video on this topic on our Youtube Channel: Pile Foundation Construction Work: An Overview

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