Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Slump Test of Concrete

 The ease with which one can work with concrete is called workability. It is one of the physical parameters of concrete which affects the finesse, strength and durability. This can be tested by slump test.  The apparatus for conducting the slump test essentially consists of a metallic mould in the form of a frustum with a cone with bottom dia. 20 cm, top dia. 10 cm and 30 cm height with a  base plate. A steel rod with 16 mm dia. and 60 cm height is to be used for compacting. The internal surface of the mould should be thoroughly cleaned so that no moisture or any hardened concrete is not left in it. The mould is placed on a plain, smooth and a non-observant surface. Concrete is then placed in four layers with each layer approximately one-fourth of the height of the mould. Each layer should be tamped 25 times evenly using the round end of the tamping rod such that the strokes are uniformly distributed over the cross section. After the top layer is tamped it is well level with the help of shovel and the mould is removed. The concrete will subside now. This subsidence is known as slump. This experiment should be performed without any jerk or vibration. Within 2 minutes we should measure the difference between the height of the mould and the top height of the subsided concrete. The subsided measure is the slump of the concrete. There are different slump values for different constructions. Like for columns and retaining walls it should be 75 to 150 mm. For beams and slabs it should lie between 50 to 100 mm. For CC pavement this should be 20-30 mm. For the deck of bridges slump value is 30-75 mm. For vibrated concrete it should be 12-25 mm and for huge mass construction slump value must lie between 25-50 mm.  

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