Monday, September 14, 2020

Staircase Spacing!! Reason Behind Gap between two flights of Staircase

As you know we have an interesting series in our YouTube channel of Civil Center. The name of the series is Tips and Tricks. So today's topic is staircase spacing importance.

Here we will discuss all the small details that we might find useful.

Straircare is one of the structural members in a residential building. Whenever we talk about stairs we have few things like landing, Going, Height of the staircase, Height of first going,  also width of the going.

There is one thing why we missed asking so question is:

Why is there a gap between two goings? 

You always notice there is some gap between two goings. 

What is the purpose of the going? 

There are three basic purpose 

1-The gap between two going to provide handrails.

2- Second purpose is for firefighting,  suppose if your building catches fire and there is no gap between two going, how firefighters will spray water from the ground floor.

3- Third point is to avoid Echoes and proper lighting.

So this is all about today's  topic.

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