Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Tekla Structural Designer: How to apply Wind Loads In Irregular Building!!

In structural design, wind load is a type of lateral load which plays a very important role, especially if the building height is more than 10 m and the building is in a cyclone-prone zone. When wind acts on a building or any type of structure, the resulting force acting on the building elevation is called "wind load".

The magnitude of the wind load depends upon the angle at which the wind makes contact with the building and also the structure size (Viz. height, width)

In this blog, we are going to discuss how to apply wind loads on irregular buildings.

So let's start the step by step procedure 

Step 1: Let us consider an irregular building model in Tekla structural design and go to base level, draw some construction lines by taking offsets from existing construction lines.

Step 2: Also go to the topmost level and in the properties menu tick the option of Show Grids in 3D.

Step 3: Turn on the gridline visibility in the 3D View from the scene content menu

Step 4: Go to model option and select wall panels and create panels around the irregular building model, cover it from all the sides so that a surface is present for the wind loads to act.


Step 5: Go to scene content and turn on wind panels and select all the panels and select all the panels and tick on the rigid diaphragm option from the properties menu.

Step 6: Then go loading and select wind wizard and give basic wind speed value and all other requisites, as per your building Design Code selected. 

Step 7: Under the Load option, create the required load combinations, and then in the design option, click on “Design All Static”, to check the design results

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