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What are TOF, SSL, & TOS in Tekla structural designer ?

Tekla structural designer (TSD) is a simple, integrated design & analysis software that gives engineers the power to analyze and design buildings efficiently and profitably. Pile foundation as two parts likely pile cap and pile, here in TSD we can design the pile cap but not the pile.

TOF (Top of foundation), TOS (Top of steel), SSL (Structural slab level) are the terms in TSD software which are used while creating levels.

Refer the below steps we will know about TOF , SSL & TOS  :

Step 1

Go to TSD software and click on construction levels, under that section you will come across the type of level being designed, likely TOF, TOS, & SSL.



  • TOF: Top of foundation is a level which is helpful for placing foundation, plinth level and helps in excavation work identification also.

  • TOS: Top of steel (level) takes a major part while you are working with the steel structures, composite structures or else steel structure completely, so in these cases you can make use of this option.

  • SSL:  This structural slab level comes into picture while working with the RCC structures, which denote the upper level of slab.


Step 2

So then you can change the spacing between the levels and slab thickness etc.., and this is all about the creation of levels in TSD for the design purpose of a structure.        

.For more details, watch this: 

Tekla Structural Designer : What is TOF,SSL and TOS? Construction Levels

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